New Login Page – FAQ

ITS is introducing a new login page for EPortfolio and the web applications we use most.  The login will have a consistent look across several applications.   There will be no changes to applications themselves, just the login page.

Why a new login page?
ITS is implementing a Single Sign On solution called Central Authentication Services.  This will allow for seamless login across web applications.  When you are logged into one, you are logged into all services to which you have access, making it easier to move back and forth between them.

Isn’t that how EPortfolio has always worked?
Yes, except the mechanism for providing that service is based on older technology that has limitations.  We wanted to update our ability to provide central login.  This also provides us with more flexibility as we look to making updates to EPortfolio in the years ahead.

Are there any changes to EPortfolio after logging in?
No. There are no changes to EPortfolio after logging in.

Does the procedure for changing password change?
No. You will still change your password in the Password Manager in EPortfolio.

If I log out of one application, am I logged out of everything?
No.  If you have more than one web application open (e.g. EPortfolio, WesFiles, and Moodle), logging out of one or closing one tab, does not mean you are logged out of all applications.  The most secure method of logging out of all applications is to close your browser session.