Spam Scanning for Forwarded Email

Spam and Email Forwarding

  • SpamAssassin(tm) is a mail filter which scans, and attempts to block, spam. It is developed by the open-source Apache SpamAssassin Project, the Project Home Page can be found at
  • SpamAssassin uses a wide variety of local and network tests to identify spam signatures.
  • A detailed description of all the tests performed can be found on the SpamAssassin Project Home Page
  • Wesleyan University currently does not scan forwarded emails for SPAM. We will begin scanning them for SPAM starting from April 15th, 2008. This action is necessary because forwarding unscanned emails has caused some Internet Service Providers to label Wesleyan as a Spammer.
  • Every scanned email will get a SPAM score based on very elaborate criteria. A SPAM score of greater than 6 will be tagged in the subject line as such. A SPAM score greater than 10 will result in the deletion of the message (hence not be forwarded).
  • If you are forwarding your emails from your Wesleyan email account, all your forwarding emails will be scanned and acted upon as described above. For any additional questions or inquiries please contact

For more information about SpamAssassin you can go to:

The SpamAssassin FAQ

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