Package Room Update

The package room will be open extended hours this Saturday from 10AM to 1PM, for students to pickup packages. Please note, we are currently having formatting issues with the email you receive as a notification. Our vendor hopes to have this resolved by later this afternoon. If you receive a package notification without location information, … Read more

Wireless maintenance Sunday 9/11 8:30AM

On Sunday, Sep 11 from 8:30-9:00AM, wireless across campus will be offline while we perform maintenance. We are addressing sporadic connection issues that have surfaced in the last week and expanding the capacity of the AirWes Guest network to accommodate devices that cannot negotiate WPA encryption. This windows affects wireless access only for all users.

Access interruption overnight Sep 5th

As unlikely as it seems, a problem entirely unrelated to the new wireless configuration blocked all student access both to wired and wireless and all staff access to wireless from 11:15 PM on Sep 5 to 1:45 AM on the 6th. The issue was an unprecedented problem with our security certificates which are needed for … Read more