Telephone Outage in Some Offices

Due to a hardware failure on the telephone switch in Exley Science Center, there are several offices on campus with no telephone service. We are working to get this resolved as quickly as possible. We will update everyone once we learn more about who is affected and when the service will be restored.

Lab Virus Update

This is to provide information about a virus problem in our labs on campus.  The virus known as VBS.Runauto, also dubbed “I Am A Friend”, replaces desktop wallpaper and screen saver with the words Don’t Worry, I Am A Friend.     This virus has been particularly challenging to eradicate. When first reported, we had … Read more

Network problems this morning

Several network switches around campus have malfunctioned due to a power outage this morning. These problems are preventing a small number of computers around campus from connecting to our network. We are currently working on the problem and expect to have all switches back online by 10AM.

Telephone Outage in Some Offices

This morning’s power outage resulted in telephone outage in offices north of Wyllys Avenue and the Usdan Center. These phones are serviced by a telephone switch in the CFA. This problem has been resolved and all phones should be back in service now. However, there is a possibility that the voicemail message waiting lights may … Read more

Telephone Outage in Some Offices

Campus telephones in offices North of Wyllys Avenue and Usdan Center are currently not working because of problems in a switch caused by the power outage. Most of these telephones are serviced by a telephone switch in the CFA. This switch is currently experiencing difficulties coming up after the brief power outage this morning. We … Read more

Conficker information

This message is for those who run Windows operating systems on a PC as well as those who run Windows Operating Systems on a Macintosh using tools such as VMWare Fusion or Parallels. Faculty/Staff Computers on the Wesleyan Network: This threat exploits a vulnerability in Windows operating system for which Microsoft issued a patch as … Read more