5/9 work completed

Our switch work was completed with no issues.  We are now watching hopefully to determine if this solved the problem.  In the process, we did locate a cable that was not working. This resulted in a brief delay of outside email processing of less than 10 minutes.

5/9 – network hardware replacement

ITS has obtained the hardware to replace what we suspect is the faulty hardware in the network.  We plan to replace the units beginning at 4:30pm on Thursday, May 9.  Replacing the hardware can be done without interruption, however we are sending out this notice should something unexpected occur.  We will notify users through email, … Read more

5/6 – PeopleSoft and network interruption

ITS is working aggressively on two persistent issues. 1. There was another brief network interruption of 20-30 seconds at around 4:00PM.  We have had a few such incidents in the past month.  We are working with our vendor on the issue and will be replacing hardware this week which we hope will prevent the issue … Read more