Message Waiting Light Problem

We are working on resolving the Message Waiting Light problem on the Nortel Phones. You may have a message even if your light is not illuminated, and after you clear all messages the light may not turn off. We will let you know as soon as we resolve the issue. Until then, please check your … Read more

Sep 19 – Virus definition update causing PC issues

We have determined that there is a bad virus definition from ESET that has caused issues on Windows computers throughout campus.  The Desktop Support folks are working hard to address this issue.  ITS is working on finding a central solution to remediate the problem remotely.  ITS is getting to people as quickly as possible.

Phone Service Restored

Phone service has been restored to the remaining users. If you are still having problems with your phone please email or call Rose Smith at x3399. Thanks, Allen Alonzo

Telephone Outage Update

Approximately half of the the affected users have been restored. We are working with our service company to restore the rest. As we try to bring up the remaining users, there may be short periods that the original users without service this morning may experience additional brief outages. Allen Alonzo

Sep 13 morning – Limited Phone Outage

ITS is receiving reports of some telephones not working. We have identified the problem and are working on resolving. The outage is affecting some users from the Usdan campus center to areas north on campus. We hope to have the issue resolved shortly. If you have any questions please contact Allen Alonzo at  

Sep 2 – ResNet issue addressed

ITS has found the source of the problem causing connection issues on wired ResNet.  Students are reminded that they are not allowed to connect access points (including Mac Airports) to the network. Those devices are not intended for enterprise wireless systems and cause the kind problems that occurred today.  This is referenced in the Unauthorized … Read more

Sep 2 – wired connection issues in dorms

ITS is researching a problem affecting wired connections in dorms.  We suspect there is a rogue device is handing out IP addresses causing devices to be unable to connect.  We are trying to isolate the problem now.  It may persist into tomorrow.  There are no reports of wireless problems.  If you have plugged in a … Read more