Sep 22 – Wireless address expansion completed

We completed our expansion of wireless addresses and have verified its functionality. If you are continuing to have problems with a wireless device, please restart again. If that does not resolve the issue, please contact HelpDesk if you are a student or your Desktop Support Specialist for faculty and staff. Thank you.

9-11 VPN Follow-Up

We are continuing to work on problems with VPN connectivity.   Though some progress has been made, we still do not have full functionality.  We will post updates as soon as available.

Sep 9 – Moodle Outage

Moodle was unavailable Thursday, Sep 9, for about half an hour starting around 7:30 PM. We apologize for the outage. We know that you rely on this system. We have fail-safe mechanisms in place, but this was a case of human oversight rather than system or application failure. We fully understand the cause of the … Read more

Sep 2- PC Performance problems

A large number of PC users experienced tremendous slowdowns and problems today. The ITS department worked hard to address as many as we could. After much research, we learned that our anti-virus vendor, ESET, distributed virus definition updates to its customers that caused high CPU usage on PCs. Once the repaired updates came down to … Read more