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Monthly Archive for January, 2012

A phishing email is circulating. The message is not legitimate. If you have responded, please change your password as soon as possible. Copy of the phishing message follows: Dear Wesleyan

EPortfolio is experiencing excessive slowness due to add/drop activity. We have been working to alleviate the stress and expect improvements by noon.

Network disruption – Jan 19

Today, Jan 19, at approximately 10:40, we experienced a network disruption on our firewall that resulted in Internet access, email and other services being offline. We were able to identify the issue, the compromised machine, and restore services within 20 minutes. A message was sent to the phone bulletin broadcast system as that was the […]

The Dragon interruption has been delayed until 7:30 PM this evening, January 10. Thank you.

Dragon interruption 6pm Jan 10

Dragon access will be interrupted today, Jan 10, at 6:00 pm. The system needs to be restarted and will be offline for approximately 20 minutes.

On Saturday, Jan 14th beginning at 7AM, ITS will be performing major hardware maintenance. While we are working with our vendor to have as minimal downtime as possible, if there are problems, significant downtime could ensue that would affect nearly all systems (email, wesfiles, PeopleSoft, etc) being available. We certainly hope that will not be […]