No network work occurring 3/21

ITS will not be doing any network configuration tonight.  There is more work to do, however we are re-grouping with our engineers.  Future work will continue to be scheduled “off” hours.  Depending on the nature of the work, this could be nights or Saturday morning.  Notifications will go out to the community.

What work is ITS doing anyway?

With these emails about potential network interruptions and the unexpected problems on Sunday, you might be wondering what is going on.  ITS is in the process of what is called a “core refresh”.  Basically, we are replacing the central networking equipment that runs the University and upgrading it to increase bandwidth throughout campus.  Concurrently, we … Read moreWhat work is ITS doing anyway?

3/18 Outlook prompting for password

There have been several reports of Outlook repeatedly prompting for a password.  When entering in your username and password, please use WESLEYAN\username in the username field.  This should address the issue in the majority of cases. If you have a problem where your Outlook is in Offline mode, please contact your Desktop Support person for … Read more3/18 Outlook prompting for password