5/6 – PeopleSoft and network interruption

ITS is working aggressively on two persistent issues.

1. There was another brief network interruption of 20-30 seconds at around 4:00PM.  We have had a few such incidents in the past month.  We are working with our vendor on the issue and will be replacing hardware this week which we hope will prevent the issue from happening again.  The disruption does pause connectivity and forces the user to re-login to Outlook to reconnect to mail.   This has been a major priority for us and unfortunately, due to the sporadic and unpredictable nature of the problem, has taken longer than we hoped to address.

2. The PeopleSoft systems (HRMS/SFIS) are still experiencing slow response times.  This is not related to the network interruption above but appears to be related to a problem that happened on 4/29.  On Fri, May 3, there was downtime while we worked on the problem.  Though this helped somewhat, there are still reports of poor performance.  We will continue to be in contact directly with these affected users.