July 29 – Wesleyan Contact Update phish

Another message is circulating that is NOT legitimate.  This one simply contains a link to Wesleyan University Contact Update.  The sender is not affiliated with Wesleyan and likely is from a compromised account from another institution.  As with the message last week, this is not from a Wesleyan address nor signed by anyone from Wesleyan.

Many of our systems including WesFiles, Google Apps, and Moodle, allow us to send messages and share files directly.  Emails generated from those systems include links to files and folders.  This is obviously a useful feature that most of us use.  ITS staff are no exception.  Those links may well require you to login to access those files.

However, ITS does not send requests for personal information or password changes through emails with links or via document sharing.  Any such email will include instructions as to how to update information, but will not send you there directly.