Configuration error affecting PC users

We learned that a configuration error resulted in faculty and staff who use Windows PC’s may have had their default printer set to a printer queue in the WSA office.  The configuration has been changed, however please check your printers before sending any print job and verify your default printer.  You can change the default printer back and the next time you restart the other printer will be gone. 

To completely remove that printer you have two choices:

1. restart your computer
2. If you do not want to restart, you may do the following:

Go to Start, Run
type in cmd
A black window will open with a command prompt that looks like this:  c:\users\(yourusername)>
type in that window gpupdate /force
Your computer will briefly say Updating policy….
Then it will say Computer Policy update has completed successfully.
User Policy update has completed successfully.  

Any jobs that were printed to that printer in error have been removed and placed into the shredding bin by an ITS staff person.

This is a configuration mistake with potentially serious consequences. We deeply apologize for the error and are taking steps to ensure such mistakes do not occur again.