Network Outage – Dec 22 AM follow-up


IT resolved a major network issue that began in the early morning hours.  The disruption was such that all network traffic was not flowing.  This affected all internal and external connections to and from Wesleyan.  IT staff were on site early working on the issue.  All services were restored at approximately 9:15 AM.

When these things happen, it can be difficult to communicate with the Wesleyan community, particularly when email is not available.  We post to Twitter and Facebook.  We use these social media tools because they are readily available over cellular data and not just through the network, which is vital for communication during a network or power outage on campus. For those who are not Twitter users, you do not need to have a Twitter account or app to see messages posted regarding outages.  The Twitter link below will go directly to the messages posted.  We will be exploring telephone notification options as well.