Phishing scams—Employment scams to get your information  

Employment scams are on the rise targeting students as well as adults.  The most common scams that we see are:

1) Job offers–Identity take-over, Bank account fraud

2) Spoofed email addressto look like it came from inside Wesleyan to extract HR/tax/employment information

3) Fake logon page to extract credentials


Job offers—These emails are designed to get you to reveal personal information like address, SSN (Social Security or Tax ID number), bank account numbers, and anything that would allow for a full identity take-over.  Once the criminal has this information they can begin to take out credit in your name, access your bank account(s), redirect your get a new Driver’s license, and essentially, be you and ruin your good name.


Spoofed email targeted at people—This is done to get an inside person to perform tasks. The looks like it is from a co-worker or supervisor.The intent is to get you to feel comfortable a supervisor or colleague has asked you to perform a task (move money to an outside account, send Tax/employment information about personnel/students, etc.) without question since it is from a “trusted” source.


Fake logon page—This is a page that very much appears like a legitimate or identical (in appearance) to a Wesleyan logon page.  However, it is asking you to enter credentials for “verification”. We don’t ask for that.  We (ITS) will instead, instruct you to go to your WesPortal to change your credentials but provide no link.  Just instructions.  Any time you are asked for your credentials report the email to then delete it.  Additionally, if you do click a link you should look at the web page address.  It is very likely not associated with Wesleyan.  It will not start with


If you have any questions or concerns please, contact:

Vince Spiars—Information Security and Operations Manager—ext3072/vspiars@

Antonio Crespo–Chief Information Security  Officer-ext. 2855/acrespo@

Security@   This will generate a ServiceNow ticket and either Antonio or Vince will respond to you.