The critical need to keep your account passwords distinct and the value of your personal information 07/23/2019

These 2 seemingly distinct topics are very related.  In the last 10 days I have been alerted to 16 data breaches that date back to 2017 and contain some number of accounts that have in their account information.  The reasons for the delayed notifications can be varied–companies are just finding out, companies don’t want … Read more

How to better cybersecure your home—6/13/2019

How to better cybersecure your home— The home is our place of comfort and implied security. However, cybersecurity is not in a default secure state of “on” when devices come from the factory. That is up to us to when we bring the device(s) home and turn them on. This is a small list of … Read more

Cardless ATM transactions and thieves–3/11/2019

Though this article looks dated (2018) it is a current notification—-   As of May 2018, the FBI has seen an increase in cyber criminals exploiting the cardless ATM feature of mobile banking applications to compromise accounts and fraudulently withdraw cash from ATMs. Cardless ATM transactions use a code and a mobile phone for authentication … Read more

Staying Secure While Traveling–3/6/2019

Staying secure while traveling  Whether its personal or work-related travel, there are things you can do to protect your information and systems.    Before you go  If a device, credit card, or document is not required for your travel, leave it at home.  Ensure that all your electronic devices are password protected and encrypted if possible in … Read more

Anatomy of a PHISH and the use of Social Engineering 12/14/2018

Anatomy of a PHISH and the use of Social Engineering   PHISH is defined as a method of getting you to provide credentials or otherwise profit the originator of the email independent of who is harmed. Social Engineering is roughly defined as manipulating you to do some one else’s bidding but having you think it … Read more