Sep 2- PC Performance problems

A large number of PC users experienced tremendous slowdowns and problems today. The ITS department worked hard to address as many as we could. After much research, we learned that our anti-virus vendor, ESET, distributed virus definition updates to its customers that caused high CPU usage on PCs. Once the repaired updates came down to the machine, the system was able to be back under control. In many cases, this took a couple of re-boots of the computer.

Concurrently, we have a new version of Xythos Drive for our Wesfiles users. You are prompted to update when you first launch Xythos Drive. If you are prompted, you may click YES to this prompt. The update is quick and requires one restart. This was not the cause of the issue today, though may have complicated things on some machines.

If we were unable to respond to you or you are still having trouble, please contact your Desktop Support Specialist. We are trying to get to you all as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience as we work through this.