Expanded Local Telephone Calling Area

AT&T has recently upgraded our local calling area. As a result some users are experiencing problems with calls in the 860 and 203 area code not going through or receiving a recorded message saying it is not necessary to dial 1 to complete your call. This problem is caused by attempting to dial 9 1 860 or 9 1 203 for calls that are now local to the system. The remedy is to simply dial 9 860 or 9 203 for these now local calling areas. Be sure to check any of your stored speed dials and make changes to them as needed. An example is now the Hebron exchange is local to the campus and calls to that area would be 9 860 xxx-xxxx. If you have any questions, please contact WesTel at x2022 , Rose Smith x3399, or myself.

Allen Alonzo
Associate Director Auxiliary Services