How to better cybersecure your home—6/13/2019

How to better cybersecure your home—

The home is our place of comfort and implied security. However, cybersecurity is not in a default secure state of “on” when devices come from the factory. That is up to us to when we bring the device(s) home and turn them on. This is a small list of items that can and should have the admin account password reset before it is put in to use in your home—

-app controlled light bulbs
-bathroom scale
-security cameras (wireless and those connected to a security console that records to a hard drive and is accessible via the internet)
-Wifi printer and remote-printing capabilities (example—email-to-print)
-“Smart” TV

Any device that connects to your home network or you connect to at home should have the local administrator password changed. Manufacturers put in a standardized default password to allow them to program and update the devices as they leave the factory. But once they arrive home those default admin passwords are still set. All of these default passwords are available via the internet. Just do a quick search for “default admin password” and your device model and manufacturer. Example—“default admin password linksys MR83000”. This unit does not have a default account but requires you create one during your setup process. However, there are a lot of Admin account user IDs and passwords for numerous other Linksys models. Secure your device(s) before you get hacked at home. You may not think you have anything of value but tax forms, bank account information, banking and financial applications reside on so many home computers. All the bad guys need is a way in to your network to allow them make their way to your computer/desktop that may house this private information. Sadly, we are protecting against “crimes of convenience”. These won’t be State actors (criminals from China, Russia, Iran or the US working on behalf of the government). These will be neighbors, passers by and people targeting neighborhoods with higher likelihood of better return rates for time spent rifling through your network. By putting on a password or changing it from the default you have put up a barrier for a criminal. That is likely, enough to have them move to the next house and try them.