Transition to Microsoft Outlook/Exchange – an Integrated E-Mail & Calendaring Environment

Wesleyan currently runs separate email and group calendaring (MeetingMaker) systems.  We have been hearing from users about the desire to have a single system for email and group calendaring.  Our users have also asked for better support for wireless PDAs, such as Palm devices, Mobile Windows devices, and Blackberries.

We have planned a migration to Microsoft Exchange server because it satisfies these needs and has a very large installed base. The transition to the new system will begin this fall. Please note that ONLY MeetingMaker users will be required to go through this conversion. It is optional for all others.  PC users that currently use MeetingMaker will use Microsoft Outlook for email and calendaring in the new Exchange system.  We have identified a couple of solutions for Macintosh users – Outlook Crossover (for Intel Macs) and Entourage.

Transition Plan

Since email and calendaring are critical to the work we all do, we have spent a considerable time planning for the transition so as to minimize any disruptions during the transition.

  • In Phase I, we will convert MeetingMaker users to Outlook for email ONLY.  Everyone will continue to use MeetingMaker in Phase I. This is done in order to allow users to become familiar with Outlook and its interface.
  • Phase I will begin soon; our user services group will work with various departments to schedule the conversion over the summer.
  • Our desktop support staff will work with every user to help convert their Eudora mailboxes, attachments, and contact information to the Outlook format.
  • We will provide training sessions for users that are being converted.
  • In Phase II, we will convert MeetingMaker to Exchange server, and all MeetingMakers will use Exchange for calendaring.

As we move forward on this project, we will keep you informed of the exact timelines.