Network Outage on 9/2/2008

Here is what we know so far about the network outage on Tuesday, 9/2/2008: Around 8:30 AM, ITS staff began receiving email notifications indicating that there was unusually high activity on electronic portfolio that was stressing our databases. One of the databases was restarted at around 8:40 AM to handle this issue, everything returned back … Read more

Internet Outage today

At approximately 1:40 PM today, we experienced a network outage. As is customary, our network staff began diagnosing the problem and made an initial call to our internet connection provider, the Connecticut Education Network (CEN). The CEN Helpdesk informed us that they were not aware of any network issues.

Diagnosing the problem was extremely difficult because our network devices where so overwhelmed with incoming network traffic that our network staff were unable to get access to them. They restarted the devices, only to see them immediately become overwhelmed and unresponsive again. This pointed to a Denial of Service (DOS) attack on our network.

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A New Form of SPAM – Backscatter SPAM

We’ve been receiving many reports of users finding large amounts of unexplained nondelivery messages in their inboxes. These nondelivery (or “bounce”) messages typically from MAILER-DAEMON appear to indicate that the user has been sending Spam to external servers, and the Spam messages have been rejected by the remote servers.

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Stairwell Access to ITS

Access to the fifth floor of Exley Science Center, where ITS is located, has been restricted for the past few years. The floor is open for public access from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM during weekdays (except University holidays). However,  the stairwell door has been locked. We received comments that this is very inconvenient to … Read more

Intellectual Property and Student EP

As of Tuesday, September 25th, a change will be made to the student EPortfolio. When a student logs in, a statement regarding Intellectual Property (shown below) will be shown and the student is asked to read and then indicate acceptance. We are asking the students to do this as part of a larger campaign to … Read more

Electronic Access to International Call Billing

We eliminated the billing for long distance calls earlier this year while continuing to send the paper bill for the international calls to the departments and collect the funds. We have recently implemented and tested an electronic version of the itemized international call details which will replace the paper bill and help us reduce the … Read more

Major Systems Upgrade Thursday, July 12 – Monday, July 16

July 16 – PeopleSoft 8.9 and Production Portfolio officially opened. After several months of intense preparation, we are ready to upgrade PeopleSoft, our institutional administrative systems software. This is a major upgrade and the process of upgrading and testing to make sure everything worked correctly is expected to take four days. We will begin the … Read more

Wesleyan Computer Store will be moving to the Usdan Center

Almost 11 years ago, ITS formally announced the opening of the Wesleyan Computer Store and Service Center, which is located on the first floor of the Exley Science Center.  Many Wesleyan and Middletown community members have benefited from the convenience and excellence of service provided by the store and the service center staff. We are very pleased to let you all know that the computer store will move to the Usdan Center in August and will have a new name – Cardinal Technology Center. As soon as we have an exact opening date for the new store, we will announce it right here.

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Wesleyan Post Office will be moving to the Usdan Center

In Early August, Wesleyan Station will be moving to the Usdan Center.

  • Our main service window and individual student mailboxes will be located on the main lobby. This service window will offer sale of stamps and shipping support.
  • All mail processing, including receiving, sorting, metering, and shipping, as well as student parcel processing, storage, and distribution, will take place in the lower level. This is the window that will support package pickup.
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