Electronic Access to International Call Billing

We eliminated the billing for long distance calls earlier this year while continuing to send the paper bill for the international calls to the departments and collect the funds. We have recently implemented and tested an electronic version of the itemized international call details which will replace the paper bill and help us reduce the telecommunication costs even further.

Starting from August, the administrative assistant in your department who has departmental FRS (our financial records system) access will receive an email between the 5th and 10th of every month, if there is  at least one international call by anyone in the department during the previous month. The E-mail will contain a link to the International Call Details application under the Tools & Links in your employee electronic portfolio. This application will also allow the administrative assistants to access historical monthly bills from May 2007 onwards. This application will also provide details on who to contact in case you have questions about the calls or if you would like us to change the access because of personnel changes.