Internet Outage

Our connection to the internet is currently unavailable.   We are working to reestablish our connection and hope to have this resolved soon.  We will update this site as  events progress.

Sporadic voicemail problems

We have observed that incoming calls are sporadically not rolling over to voicemail, or that it takes much longer than usual to do so. We are working to resolve the problem.  We will update this blog with any status changes.

Problems with Dragon file server

Over the past several days, we’ve been having stability issues with the Dragon file server.  These problems are causing Dragon to restart, causing a temporary loss in connectivity to the server.  We are working with Microsoft to fix this problem.  At the same time, we are moving Dragon data to more robust storage to improve … Read more

Update: Wesleyan Facebook is now reachable

This issue has been resolved as of 12:30 PM. Previous notice:  Wesleyan’s presence on Facebook at is currently unreachable from the Wesleyan network due to routing problems with the Connecticut Education Network (our Internet Service Provider). CEN is working to correct the issue.

EMS Application Maintenance on Thursday, February 21st

On Thursday, February 21st; ITS will be applying maintenance patches to the EMS application databases.  The maintenance will run from 6:00 AM until 7:30 AM.  If you need any information from EMS during this time, please print it out before you leave on the 20th.

Changes to Clean Access on February 11th

This is an important note about changes to windows computers connecting to AirWes wireless network and the ResNet wired network in dorms. Macintosh and Linux computers will not be impacted.  Also, these changes only affect the AirWes network and ResNet; users who connect to AirWesLS or wired networks outside the dorms will not see any … Read more