Intellectual Property and Student EP

As of Tuesday, September 25th, a change will be made to the student EPortfolio. When a student logs in, a statement regarding Intellectual Property (shown below) will be shown and the student is asked to read and then indicate acceptance. We are asking the students to do this as part of a larger campaign to create awareness of intellectual property and copyright laws in general, and of the specific legal restrictions that apply to music and video which are not in the public domain. This is expected to be an annual event.

Agreement to Respect Intellectual Property Law

All members of the Wesleyan community are bound by local, state, and federal laws in their use of intellectual property of all kinds. This requires a working knowledge of the principles of copyright law, and the ability to make informed judgments about whether or not any particular use of copyrighted materials is justified under the rubric of fair use, or if it requires asking permission of the copyright holder. These judgments are required both for academic materials (scholarly books and journals, data from databases, software) and for non-academic materials (music and video used for entertainment purposes, for example.)

By clicking on the accept button below, I acknowledge that as a member of the Wesleyan community, I am committed to understanding and respecting intellectual property rights. In particular, I agree to not use Wesleyan network resources to illegally access or share audio and video materials that I do not have the right to access or share.

More information about Intellectual Property can be found at the Wesleyan Intellectual Property Website at .