Social engineering and what it means

Social engineering and what it means  Social engineering. THE BEST DEFINITIONS I’VE FOUND FOR IT ARE—”Any act that influences a person to make decisions that may or may not be in their best interests”.  Followed by—”The practical application of social principals to particular social problems”.  In the case of criminals email and people encourage you … Read more

Phishing scams—Employment scams to get your information  

Employment scams are on the rise targeting students as well as adults.  The most common scams that we see are: 1) Job offers–Identity take-over, Bank account fraud 2) Spoofed email addressto look like it came from inside Wesleyan to extract HR/tax/employment information 3) Fake logon page to extract credentials   Job offers—These emails are designed … Read more

The subject varies but the email is an attempt at Blackmail

This is an example of a blackmail email.  The passwords are old and form one of the countless breaches companies have had the lsat several years.  The phrasing can vary a bit and the password will be old.  However, it may be active if you haven’t ever changed it.   Please, red the article on … Read more

Subject: Securing Wesleyan\SANS security awareness program

This is 100% legitimate. Wesleyan is launching a Cybersecurity Awareness program. The letter should look very similar to the following screenshot. Additionally, here is the link referenced in the screenshot below:

Equifax and your Credit security information

Hello, all. In light of the Equifax security breach below are some resources to read. Please, be vigilant at home and work to avoid phishing scams. The bad guys will be working to get your money and more information about you like your SSN, Drivers license number, bank and credit card numbers. The scammers will likely, … Read more

07/12/2017 Subject: Your Invoice 37701 for is due today!

From: High Resolution Systems [] Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2017 12:01 PM To: Szegedy-Maszak, Andrew Subject: Your Invoice 37701 for is due today!     INVOICE 37701 DUE DATE July 12th, 2017 AMOUNT DUE $2,783.64 View invoice Dear client, Your most recent invoice is due.  Thank you for your business! Hank … Read more

Wesfiles downtime July 12, 2014 7am-7pm–UPDATED

On Saturday, July 12 from 7am-7pm, ITS will be completing an upgrade on WesFiles. Access to any files on WesFiles will be unavailable during this time.  Please plan accordingly. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Vince Spiars at   Karen Warren Director of User and Technical Services