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There was a major service interruption from approx 8:45 to 9:30 am this morning, 11/16.  ITS has narrowed down the equipment that caused the failure and is working with the vendor to determine why the system redundancy was also affected.   Services are now back online.

You must reset your password by today at 2:00 PM.  If you have not done so, please take a minute to change your password or you will be locked out of your account at 2:00PM.

What makes for a good password?

Passwords are integral to information security.  While we all know this, it is easy to take the easy way and not make a secure password.  ITS recommends checking out this guide to setting passwords. http://er.educause.edu/blogs/2015/10/8-dos-and-donts-of-good-passwords

Phrases of 14 characters or more are always preferable to shorter passwords.

What to do if you miss the deadline?  You have two choices.


Use the new Self-Serve Password Reset application.

On the Login Screen, click Forgot Password?

Note: this requires you have either your WesID card or an alternate email address on file in your EPortfolio.  See http://itsinfo.blogs.wesleyan.edu/2013/10/23/self-serve-password-reset/ for more information on using this application.


Contact the appropriate ITS staff to unlock your account:

Students – ITS Helpdesk at (860)685-4000 or x4000
Faculty and Staff in academic departments – your Desktop Support Specialist or ITS Operations (860)685-4100 x4100
Staff in administrative departments – Administrative Helpline (860)685-4777  (x4777) or ITS Operations (860)685-4100 (x4100)

On Saturday afternoon, there was a disruption to Internet connectivity that affected all outbound and inbound traffic to the Internet.  While there are redundant systems in place, ITS is investigating why these systems did not behave as expected.  ITS staff were on site and had connectivity restored by 3:30 PM.

UPDATE: Power has been restored throughout the complex and all systems are back online.


Physical plant is working on addressing a power outage that has affected all of the Science Complex and Olin Library.  The data center is online and powered by generator.  We are monitoring systems closely during this event. Critical systems are all online.

Faculty and staff in these buildings will gradually have network access restored as power is returned in phases and network equipment comes back online.

During the beginning of fall break, on Saturday, October 24 between 7 and 11 am, ITS will perform scheduled maintenance. The following buildings will not have wired or wireless access:

231 Pine
19 Fountain
20 Fountain
25 Fountain
160 Cross
14 Warren

Additionally, EPortfolio will not be available during this window.

Finally, wireless elsewhere on campus may experience a brief interruption as well.

The most recent OS update for Mac called El Capitan (version 10.11) has been causing problems for applications including Office for Mac, Mac Calendar, Mac Mail, Java, and various device software incompatibilities.  ITS strongly recommends that, for now, Mac users refrain from upgrading their operating system to El Capitan (version 10.11).

Microsoft has issued statements indicating there are several issues that they are working on resolving.  Other vendors are working on catching up and updating their software to work correctly with this latest release.

ITS staff are continuing to monitor and test as updates to applications become available and prove to be more stable.  If you have already upgraded to 10.11, you may not be experiencing issues and there is no need for action.  Do let your Desktop Support Specialist know if any issues crop up.  

Please consult your Desktop Support Specialist or Academic Computing Manager if you have questions about upgrading your Mac. 

The Student Database access has been restored.  10/12/2015 6:56 PM

The Student System went down unexpectedly at approximately 5:25 PM this evening 10/12/2015.
ITS is working on the problem.  No other systems appear to be affected.

This evening, an email appears to have gone out nearly campus-wide with the subject Wesleyan University Email Alerts.  In the body of an email is a link that, if clicked, appears as if it goes to our Single Sign On page.  This message is NOT legitimate.

There are two ways to immediately identify the email as fraudulent:

  • the from address is psu.edu.
  • the link goes to the address http://profiform.by/wesleyan.edu.html.  You can see the address of a link by mousing over it and looking in the lower left corner of your mail client or window.

Wesleyan’s Single Sign On page address begins with https://sso.wesleyan.edu and has a green lock with Wesleyan University also in green.  This green lock is a secure validation certificate.

If you did provide your username and password in this link, please change your password  immediately by logging into your EPorfolio and going to Password Manager.

Wesleyan ITS will not request your username and password in a link provided via email regardless of how convincing it appears.

Wesfiles, EPortfolio, and HR will be offline for 15 minutes at 6:30 am on Sep 30 for routine maintenance.

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