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News about the Heartbleed security threat continues to circulate.   Many users in our community have contacted ITS asking for advice about changing passwords and whether they need to change their Wesleyan password.  While ITS continues to believe that our risk for exposure was very low, we have systems that use OpenSSL and responded accordingly as soon as news of the potential exploit became public.

ITS will not be mandating a password change.  However, ITS does strongly recommend a password change for those who use the same password for Wesleyan and other services (such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc).  While remembering passwords can be challenging, there is a considerable risk using a single password for everything.  Furthermore, regular password changes are always a good idea and certainly an incident such as this is a good reminder to us all.

Another Internet security story has made the headlines. This new threat, referred to as Heartbleed, exploits a vulnerability in an application in widespread use called OpenSSL. Many of you may have heard about this on NPR or in the news. Here is a link to a good explanation of this issue:


ITS reacted swiftly to the announcement of this threat. We swept all servers and, within 24 hours of this coming to light, completed patching systems by noon on April 8. Our concern for Wesleyan usernames and passwords is very low.

However, there is reason to be concerned about social media sites who were reported to be slower to react. ITS suggests you change your password for social media accounts as a precautionary measure. If you use the same password for multiple sites, we strongly encourage you to change your password on all of them.

This link offers a clear explanation of affected sites and their current recovery status. http://on.mash.to/1kLRfST

Additionally, if you are responsible for managing a Wesleyan social media page, please make sure to change its password.

Microsoft will end support for Windows XP tomorrow, April 8.  (More information can be found on the ITS website.) Many of you have been working with ITS staff to have machines upgraded.  Because we expect that there will be attempts by malicious people to exploit these machines rather quickly, we have been prioritizing this effort and ITS has been covering the cost of imaging and required minor memory upgrades.
Any Wesleyan-owned computers on campus running Windows XP will no longer have Internet or network file share access.  These computers will not be able to access websites nor will they be able to access files on servers such as Dragon.
ITS will discontinue covering the cost of upgrading Windows XP computers after April 30.  Beyond that, the cost of converting any older computers that still have Windows XP will revert back to the department.

ITS experienced a hardware problem overnight that affected email for a large segment of our community between approximately 2:30 and 7:30 am.  Email was not lost in this time and was delivered when services were restored.  Other services affected by this issue were the card swipe system/cash registers and EMS.   All services are back online.

There was a disruption to network and Internet access today from noon to 1:00 when DHCP was disrupted.  A hardware configuration issue led to a problem with DHCP.  While there are redundant services in place, there was a problem with the failover state.  ITS was able to diagnose and resolve the issue within the hour.  All services are operating normally.

On Saturday, Feb 8 from 6 am to 6 pm, Millennium and any related EPortfolio apps will be offline for system maintenance.

WFS will be down starting at 7 am this Saturday, January 11, 2014, for about 10-12 hours to allow for an upgrade to the Oracle environment.

ITS is closed for the holiday and will return on Thurs, Jan 2, 2014.  During the holiday break, emergencies should be reported to Public Safety at 860-685-2345.  The Public Safety officers have emergency on-call information for ITS.  ITS on-call staff will address mission critical issues that affect core systems.   If you call Public Safety, please provide contact information so that the appropriate ITS staff can reach you.
ITS will continue to utilize its communication channels online including Facebook, Twitter and email should a situation warrant it.

Earlier in November, ITS sent an announcement regarding the spread of Trojan virus called CryptoLocker affecting Windows machines. If you are using a Macs or Linux machines, your computer is not affected and the information below does not apply to you.

We haven

Wired ResNet is functioning. WesGuest wireless will not be available until Tuesday morning, Nov 19.

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