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ITS updated the security certificates on the wireless system today.  As wireless users, you may notice your computer prompt you upon re-connection to airwes.  The prompt you receive will depend on the kind of computer and version of operating system.  For example, Macs will present you with the certificate to accept. Windows 7 will warn you of a new connection; when you click Connect it will re-establish the connection. Windows 8 will ask you if you want to continue connecting and give you the option to view the certificate. iOS devices may also prompt you with the new cert to accept.  These prompts will happen only one time.  This new certificate will last for three years.

As always, please contact Helpdesk or your Desktop Support Specialist via service.wesleyan.edu if you need any assistance.

VPN access was offline this morning from 7:45 to 9:00 am.  Users attempting to connect in that time would have received an error message. The issue has been resolved and the service has been fully restored.

Stop by Usdan in the Daniel Family Commons lobby on Thurs, Feb 5 between 11:30 and 1:30 to visit our ITS Information Session.  ITS staff will be alongside some of our partner colleagues from other departments to answer those nagging IT questions you have like What is the deal with Service Now? Can anyone on campus use GoToMeeting?  and Who does what in ITS?

Join us as you come by for lunch as we try to de-mystify the myriad functions of ITS. 

We learned that a configuration error resulted in faculty and staff who use Windows PC’s may have had their default printer set to a printer queue in the WSA office.  The configuration has been changed, however please check your printers before sending any print job and verify your default printer.  You can change the default printer back and the next time you restart the other printer will be gone. 

To completely remove that printer you have two choices:

1. restart your computer
2. If you do not want to restart, you may do the following:

Go to Start, Run
type in cmd
A black window will open with a command prompt that looks like this:  c:\users\(yourusername)>
type in that window gpupdate /force
Your computer will briefly say Updating policy….
Then it will say Computer Policy update has completed successfully.
User Policy update has completed successfully.  

Any jobs that were printed to that printer in error have been removed and placed into the shredding bin by an ITS staff person.

This is a configuration mistake with potentially serious consequences. We deeply apologize for the error and are taking steps to ensure such mistakes do not occur again.

ITS will be performing maintenance on the network on Saturday morning, Jan 10, between 7:30 and 11:00 AM.  There will be no period when the entire network will be offline, however there will be rolling intervals of down times between 15 and 30 minutes across the campus within this window. The maintenance affects campus connections only.  Users will be able to connect to systems from off campus without interruption.

Wesfiles is back online.  Thank you for your patience while we addressed the issue.

There is a critical issue on Wesfiles that requires immediate attention in order to prevent data loss.  At 2:30, ITS will be taking Wesfiles offline for what we hope is no more than an hour.

Please save your work and copy any files you must work on between 2:30 and 3:30 to your local drive if you need access.

Network services have been restored across campus.  ITS located the source of the disruption that interrupted services across campus for over an hour this afternoon.  Not all segments of campus were impacted equally during that time.  Because email communication was impacted, ITS utilized its social media outlets to try and spread the word.  As a reminder you can follow us on Twitter @WesleyanITS or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WesleyanITS.


ITS is working on a network problem that is affecting services throughout campus.  Some buildings are offline and other services are slow to load. We are addressing the problem as quickly as we can and will keep the community notified.

The most recent OS update for Mac called Yosemite (version 10.10) has been causing problems for some users including frequent dropping from wireless networks and complications with Java.

ITS strongly recommends that, for now, Mac users refrain from upgrading their operating system to Yosemite (version 10.10).  In the meantime, some of our software vendors are working on patches to help address problems affecting their programs and Apple is working on an updated release to help address the reported problems.

ITS staff will test the newer version when it is released and update the community.

Please consult your Desktop Support Specialist or the Student HelpDesk if you have questions about upgrading your Mac.

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